Yuppie Flu and Chronic Fatigue – Is There A Connection?

Woman lying exhausted on a bed, possibly suffering from Yuppie Flu or CFS

Yuppie flu emerged in the 1980’s. Later it was thought to be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). These both currently started to get more recognition due to the recent development of long covid. Which the latter has some comparisons to both with some of the Yuppie flu symptoms. All characterized by persistent fatigue with a myriad …

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The Power of Massage for Mental Health Wellbeing

Body & Mind are Interictally Linked The body has every cell communicating with it as a mass telephone system. How we feel emotions is transmitted to all these cells. Causing an effect subliminally through out the whole system. Mental Health wellbeing is vitally important. Anger in Chinese medicine is associated with the liver meridian and …

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Thai Massage & Sporting Dreams

lady pressing down on the clients back in thai massage move

THAI MASSAGE & SPORTING DREAMS How can Thai Massage help you with your sport. The massage therapy can produce some diverse comments. But this body therapy is spreading throughout the UK & nothing like the commercial view we know. Traditional Thai Thai massage is perfect for anyone with a sporting dream. Olympic or more amateur. …

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