Progesterone Cream for Menopause – PROGERSTERINE

Are you suffering from a range of menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, brain fog, weight gain, anxiety & insomnia? If yes this progesterone cream for menopause, peri menopause, post menopause and PMT could be what your looking for.

Progesterine is a organic natural alternative A Bio-identical transdermal cream.
Certified Organic new cream has some great new ingredients see our full listing below. The product has been approved by other distributors to be equally as acceptable as the previous cream we supplied. It is, even more, gentler on the skin. Producing amazing balancing effects. We feel and hope you will be completely satisfied and carry on enjoying our new product as you did the past one. No chemicals or parabens. A gel cream that is recognised by the body, adapted to easily.

Menopause/perimenopause support

Menopause issues can be varied. Balancing the delicate individual hormonal chemistry is key. Our slow decline in Estrogen and Progesterone including Testosterone can produce some dramatic symptoms and discomfort. The gap or deficit between our two key female hormones is one such area to review. Estrogen is focused on a lot but Progesterone is just as important. One that when levels drop causes a gap between the two main players. Even when our Estrogen levels are fairly ok. Causing our general balance to waver and we can feel generally unwell. Dr John Lee researched the interaction of the female hormone system in great detail. Coining the phrase Estrogen dominance. If becomes more dominant to the other hormones even though declining the body is compromised.


Depending on specific symptoms. If you are still having a period cycle, 2 dabs in the morning and 2 at night applied to different parts of the body. Is generally required. During the menstrual cycle the cream is not used for 7 days. If women are past menopause and no longer have menstrual cycles then the usual way to use it is the same, 2 dabs in the morning, a pea size and 2 in the evening, ideally on the soles of your feet when you are in bed. The best way is to count every calendar month and begin each month on day 7 of that month.

Each tube has a pea-sized indicator starting off with one pea application to a soft area of skin away from direct sunlight. For severe symptoms, a 2nd pea-sized can be applied. PLEASE NOTE If taking estrogen apply this later in the day so the two hormones do not compete for absorption in the body.


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2 x TUBES £63 plus P&P £5.85 = Total £68.853

3 x Tubes £94.50 plus P&P £5.85 = Total £100.35

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How long to see balance?

This will vary from woman to woman depending on the severity of her symptoms and lifestyle

Most symptoms can diminish becoming less of a problem within a month of using the balancing cream, other symptoms can take longer as the body accepts the increase of the product throughout the system. Being aware of triggers particularly to hot flushes or mood swings is key, Caffeine, stress lack of rest and personal time can must be noted. Lifestyle is an important part of hormone balance.

Progesterine TM ingredients

Who was Dr John Lee?

Dr. John Lee´s Books

Some of his research about conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was “synthetic hormones don’t work as predicted and worse still, they pose a health threat to women”. Controversy followed but later research proved him correct. Doctors and scientists slowly began to be aware of his work. The body worked best with naturally rather than artificially mimicking hormones. Natural alternatives to HRT known as Balancing Creams.

His common and practical approach to restoring hormone balance was what we all know but don’t always follow. Choose a healthy diet, quit smoking, exercise daily gently, and use a Natural Balancing Cream.

His book series “What your doctor may not tell you” was about Peri-menopause. Now coming to be recognised as quite early in life for some women. “What your Doctor may not tell you about Menopause.” Is an informative read. Education now opens up options for natural hormone balancing, for menopause and peri-menopause symptoms. It also worked for Premenstrual Tension in younger women. Other books such as “Progesterone, the remarkable hormone,” is worth reading. Most doctors focus is on Estrogen but our second hormone is just as important.

Where Progesterine Cream comes into play.