Active birth workshop

Nicky Abell FrancisNicky Abell-Francis

Active birth workshops are run as two types:

  • First class – Relief of pregnancy symptoms, preparing for birth
  • Second class – Labour & birth

Both Active birth workshops need to be taken from around four months onwards, generally no later than 8 months during pregnancy. Mum to be & her birthing partner attend together. These comprehensive classes cover key pain relieving techniques for childbirth working with Shiatsu, Acupressure, essential oils, massage skills and Makkaho stretches. Exploring their use for maintaining a happy & healthy pregnancy. A series of stretches for allowing flow of energy throughout the meridian system. These being the lines linking acupressure points such as the Liver channel, Spleen channel in Chinese Medicine.

Active birth workshop in Tarporley

Strokes, points & stretches all prepare the body for more ease of movement in labour with the therapeutic power of essential oil usage. All information is supplied in note form for easy reference covering names of points, effects of oils, cost, how to use them & visual charts for finding acupressure points taught. The format is fun & very relaxing for mum many skills can be utilised for every day use to maintain & reduce stress levels whether work or family related. Active Birth classes allow partners to support and engage in the birth process.

1 hour 30 minutes x 2 classes at £75 per class, per couple. Private class taken generally at home if distance feasible.

Once Baby has arrived try our Infant massage class again perfect for dads too to interact and get close to your new born.

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