Spa Beauty sessions from Nicky Abell-Francis

Zenchi works with the Temple Spa company an aromatherapy packed and Mediterranean inspired product range.  Luxury, naturel & award winning, cruelty free brand with vegan choices.

Yummy Mummy Body Botanical

Sessions are £85  for 90 minutes.

For pre or post pregnancy body care. Restore clarity and zing to the body with the safe skincare of Temple Spa products. Formulated without any animal products or mineral oil. Allows skin to breathe. If breast feeding no dangerous components are absorbed. Incorporating soothing work to remove fluid retention. With stimulation of the body systems for immunity & energy recovery, applied via point work, gentle massage, ending in a reviving facial designed to rehydrate & soothe sensitive, hormonal or sleep deprived skin. Ideal as a mum-to-be gift. Excellent for personal me time once baby has arrived.


Sessions are £65  for 60 minutes.

Experience some paradise.  An hour on your own holiday Isle. With so many key products each facial is blended individually for your skin & stress level.


Sessions are £70 for 75 minutes.

When the sun is out then protect yourself well. We now offer the Body revamp an intense exfoliation, massage & body cream application.

To revitalize an existing dead tan or prep skin for a new enhanced one.

Protect but soothe & smooth skin too.


Sessions are £55 for 60 minutes

Preparation of the feet with Sugar Buff enriched body scrub. Leads onto the couch for a full workout of all the major joints, loosening the feet, ankles hips and arms with Thai massage techniques. We end the session with facial & head acupressure with the age defining facial oils of Temple Spa.

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