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Nicky Abell-Francis

Why have Sports & Remedial massage? Because it can aid a multitude of ailments from niggling backpain, shoulder strains, inflamed joints, over training, headaches from home working, pre/post event massage. Bodywork is first port of call before you reach for the painkillers. Nicky Zenchi’s owner specializes in a wide range of bodywork for injury recovery, maintenance or relaxation.

Effective management of the body prevents risk of damage, maintaining fitness & improving performance levels. Weather amateur, semi-professional or work related injury remedial massage can be utilized in many ways. See our latest multi packages to save on treatment & enhance recovery. Stress issues or sports performance based.


Muscle Reviver – 45 minutes £48 & 1 hour £55

An effective method for athletes or active individuals who are interested in improving their timing, speed or agility. Combining specialized deep tissue techniques with stretching to address chronic or acute problems & increase flexibility. Specific areas or whole body can be requested. Ideal for general work related or postural tension. Initial 1st sessions normally an hour is required for an in-depth analysis of all areas relating to the problems. 

Upper / Lower Basics – 30 mins £35

Special focus on the back, neck & shoulders, a great treatment for tension relief from everyday strains. Can be lower limb area for runners, cyclists where focus is on the main area of body used in the sport.

Hot & Cold Stone Therapy – Full Stone 1 hour 15 mins £75

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An ancient healing art using application of hot basalt lava stones for deep penetration. Accompanied by therapeutic use of frozen marble stones. Bringing relief to tense, sore joints, stressed emotions & weary spirit. Traditional massage, aromatherapy & hot oil combine to warm, work & invigorate. Perfect for stress, achy joints from seasonal changes, when body needs to let go & ease stiffness & inflexible muscles. 

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Regular treatments act as an MOT on the body preventing injuries & stress from building up, the package applies to any massage treatments Nicky provides. See out latest programmes inclusive of key products for enhanced recovery weather work related or sports.

What are the advantages of sports therapy?

The proven benefits of sports therapy massage are numerous, the techniques we use cover many body issues.

  • Knee, Ankle, Shoulder & back pain
  • Recovery after operations
  • Sciatica
  • Jetlag
  • Joint pain & stiffness
  • Arthritis / Osteoarthritis
  • Headaches
  • Lymph-oedema
  • Whiplash
  • Postural problems (work related)
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Pregnancy & after childbirth
  • Improve healing of muscle tears, strains & sprains

Woman having massage of body in spa salonWhat are the after-effects of sports therapy massage?

The body will feel relaxed and more supple, with some tenderness if deep tissue massage has been administered. Clients can expect muscle stiffness over a 24 – 48 hr period, which is a natural occurrence in many people. Some may experience minor headaches as their body adapts to change & waste materials are pushed into the blood.

Feel energized: achieve optimum health, fitness & vitality. Treat massage as your prescription to well being. Regular sessions will allow you to be aware of problems before they become chronic. Any work or sport can build up muscle weaknesses & tension. Balancing the nervous system, blood chemistry & boosting immunity may reduce risks of depression, high blood pressure & anxiety developing.

Just some of her Testimonials…

‘For anyone who spends time working or relaxing in front of a computer screen like myself, they may also recognize levels of discomfort, stiffness and tension in their neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Following recommendations from a physiotherapist I tried massage therapy at Zenchi, despite being personally unaware of the techniques available and any of therapeutic benefits.

After initial assessment by Nicky she quickly located the muscle and fascia requiring remedial work.

I would strongly recommend a neck, shoulder, and head massage at Zenchi as she has extensive experience from working with both sports and fitness professionals and lay people.’ I. Bailey 2020

As a Personal Trainer, regular runner and cyclist Nicky has been treating me for a number of years. I rely on her sports massage to keep me and my legs in good shape and free from injury. I would really recommend the Thai massage too which is a completely different energizing experience – I feel brilliant afterwards. Peter W. 

I am suffering from a chronic condition known as stenosis of the spine. This condition is very restricting and causes a great deal of pain when attempting to walk any distance. It is very debilitating. At the age of 69 I am finding it more difficult to do so many things we would normally take for granted in life.

Nicky has been treating me for over two years and I can only say what her treatment does for me is just wonderful. Nicky is very caring and most professional in her procedures. The after effects of her treatment give me more pain free movement in my limbs and a wonderful relaxed state of wellbeing. I would not hesitate in recommending Nicky’s unique hands on treatment to anyone. – Jim Porter

I recently visited Nicky for a sports massage and can say that I’m feeling 10 times better than before I went in! So I can’t speak highly enough about the place, nice and easy to get to and Nicky is lovely – I would definitely recommend giving her a visit! Mr Mills 17th Feb 2019

I can’t recommend Nicky highly enough. She has the magic touch when it comes to massages. I go to her regularly, sent family when they’ve been visiting – and ask for her gift vouchers for my Christmas stocking! Zenchi Clinic offers a range of quality services.- Sue Miller 17th Nov 2019

Had a really fantastic massage, will definitely be back. Great knowledge and really listened to me and therefore really tailored the treatment to my personal needs. Emma G.<

Huge thanks to Nicky for helping to relieve a fair amount of muscle tension with her relaxing back massage. Tightness in the neck and shoulders is an unfortunate side effect of being a writer and stick behind a computer for many hours a day! Thanks Nicky, I’ll be back for more soon! Lorna. M. 17th Nov’2019.

I had the most relaxing time at the Zenchi clinic with Nicky. I had a pregnancy massage, she was really thorough, getting rid of all my aches and pains, as well as being very conscientious of my comfort with the bump! Highly recommend. Mrs Best. 27th April 2019

Thank you for the recent deep leg massage you gave me. When I arrived my legs were very swollen due to water retention, my ankles and knees were painful and my left leg in particular was very heavy; I felt I was dragging it after me. But since the two massages and following your advice my agility is markedly improved. I feel I am able to walk much better and for longer. I am more confident in moving up and down steps and my knees no longer feel so painful. I am really pleased at the effect of the treatment, even my lower back feels more free. – G.D. Wrexham

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