Bereavement coaching

A revive and survive guide. Helping anyone who has got to a stage of needing to move on after their loss. Any age can benefit from looking at bringing back the spark – energy wise and emotionally to live life to the full. Coping with the changes and somewhat bewilderment when a partner has done so much in the past. Finding our feet to cope and be in charge on our own is tough for some people.

This is designed to have singularly as a boost and open our eyes to taking the step forward or a course to help us actively change and enjoy life again. Working on happiness, a new job, a new life after our loss

PERSONAL FOOTSTEPS  introduction / booster £95 hour

FREEDOM PATH  3 x £95 =£285 (can be divided into 6 x 30min sessions over the three months) 

Did you smile today

Ongoing support sessions after Freedom Path can be taken as required at reduced fee £85 hr. To encourage and work on any plans formed. To aid momentum and stay moving forward. Our general Functional Wellness coaching is also available for supporting health and wellbeing. Life purpose and more when ever we reach confusion in life.

To book ring : Nicky 07941951533 or email us on our contact form.