The Power of Massage for Mental Health Wellbeing

Body & Mind are Interictally Linked

The body has every cell communicating with it as a mass telephone system. How we feel emotions is transmitted to all these cells. Causing an effect subliminally through out the whole system. Mental Health wellbeing is vitally important.

Anger in Chinese medicine is associated with the liver meridian and gallbladder. The wood element. A mass of symptoms peculiar to these organs can arise when frustration and anger are in the background. Heat may rise to the face , indigestion long term can arise effecting digestion. People may turn to alcohol fuelling the fire and creating more heat. The liver then works overtime a knock on effect goes to our sleep patterns with heart circulation changing blood pressure rising. One simple frustration can build to a cascade of tiny irritating symptoms.

Feeling rubbish, under par our anger may be just a niggle to begin with an altercation with someone that ruined our day and before we know it we become irritated by the slightest thing and whoa a blazing row occurs normally with someone we don’t even have a big grievance with. Once an emotion is released shouting, crying ect this can release that energy trapped but the enzymes released and effects in the body of hormones still ricochets around our cells leaving some lasting effects for a while.

When we feel emotionally upset, from sadness to anger bringing our nervous system down to a calming level is very important. Touch is excellent to placate it. Stroking a pet is known to lower our heart rate, calm and sooth provide comfort. Massage is exactly that a way of bringing us back in touch with our bodies. No longer in our heads, but back to reality. Head massage aims to clear the mind, draws out emotions that are suppressed from showing to others resentment, sadness.

Body massage aromatherapy works on the limbic system the core of our sensory smell and memory recall.

  • A perfume can transport you to a moment in the past instantly.
  • A simple foot massage for some who are nervous of body touch or been traumatised this can draw energy down.

Key points relating to all over the body. Like a motorway of roads targeting the organs.

When you need to get back on track then look at a Sports, Remedial, Aromatherapy, Indian head, Balinese or Pregnancy massage spa session. Each one will aid you immensely bringing you up to a more positive emotional ladder from irritation to calmness, grief to acceptance. Things that did worry you may not be such of importance as you think.

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