Health is a multitude of things -ENERGY IS KEY

Nicky Abell-Francis

As a Specialist therapist ILM accredited I look at all areas of your life to improve health. It may not be just diet but background areas from finance to sleep, relationships to future ambitions affecting the ebb and flow of energy, weight or your mind. I work with you looking at NLP TECHNIQUES, future vision plans, key areas of the wellness wheel. How is your life impacted? Lets find the solution together seeing things in a different perspective. Find the path to get on track.

  • What do I really want to do career wise, homelife, relationships?
  • I want wellness, health, energy again.
  • Why am I so tired all of the time?
  • I feel anxious constantly now why?
  • My go to techniques are not working to recover
  • I rest all weekend but still not feeling good
  • I feel overwhelmed with responsibility
  • My life is one constant to do list

Introductory 3 month & a complete 9 month coaching formatGet back on course

START TO UNDERSTAND BOOK A – free 30 min body & mind profile call. For clients who have been in and out of burn out, not coping health wise, or suspect and trying to be diagnosed with post viral fatigue, ME, Fibromyalgia or long covid.  I explain more of how the coaching may help them from crashing into a condition if border line or actually if developed already. What needs to be looked at. Medication only plasters the symptoms. Or are you just needing a guide to shake up your life and gain some excitement to move forward.

Functional health bundle

3 MONTH Introductory – ENERGY TO VITALITY  3 x £95 hours £285 plus email support.

9 MONTH IGNITE MY LIFE – full course support over the year plus 4 touch base 15 min sessions £950

Payment can be spread over course length – (Deposit £350 at start/ 2nd payment £300 month 3/ 3rd payment £300 month

9 month course if diagnosis of above conditions have been diagnosed. Coaching is alongside the Chrysalis Effect recovery programme

More information can be given on your free profile session. BOOK ONE NOW.

How can I help you?

My personal experience is one of knowing what burn out is . My early 20’s I took over a busy health club salon, three rooms , staff working 12 hr shifts every other day. I soon learned that eating on the run, physical work from massage to running a busy business. Weight can drop off, sleep becomes non refreshing, anxiety can kick in. Trying for my daughter was a 5 yrs slog, 2 miscarriage’s until I took stock to slow, supplement diet and treat with shiatsu to balance the body via oriental teachings. Being quite young, I managed but once had my daughter, this forced me to slow down more and take stock. Moving north to Chester from the busy South of England helped.

When my daughter was 6 yrs, I opened my life ambition to own a multi therapy clinic ZENCHI. Over 14 yrs I worked alongside a range of therapists, becoming an expert in many massage styles. With access to refer to other treatments. Only this year have I taken a step back and gone solo again after the many years of running my own clinics. Why? Because I was experiencing burn out. Driven and over caring in personality I had to once again put a brake on what I was doing. Awareness is key.

My other expertise in ME/ Chronic fatigue

Sadly my experience of ME chronic fatigue was not myself but via my daughter. Who developed this misunderstood condition when her father died. Within months, the shock and grief caused her body to develop many symptoms. Eventually diagnosed with no plan or concrete advice to how to get better. My journey to help her led me to the Pioneering a new recovery programme whereby you can join and use my specialist support to guide & bespoke content to what you need instantly. Challenge and speed track to what you need. I know at first hand the symptoms of pre and post burn out and how knocks in life from viruses to bereavement can take its toll and tip us over to longer term conditions.

Take stock now, before that happens. Book a Body & Mind profile
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