Thai Massage & Sporting Dreams


How can Thai Massage help you with your sport. The massage therapy can produce some diverse comments. But this body therapy is spreading throughout the UK & nothing like the commercial view we know.

Traditional Thai

Thai massage is perfect for anyone with a sporting dream. Olympic or more amateur. It is a very ancient body art used & perfected over many thousands of years. Now many a famous athlete has embraced a cutting edge exercise in the past. We all raised an eyebrow when the likes of our key football players were embracing pilates & yoga, we thought they had all gone soft.

Our Core muscle control is vitally important to allow the body to be strong & create speed. Now whose laughing. Our coaches & trainers of any sport now know, to be the top seed or win continuously you need to have the inside secrets of your opponents. With the Olympics we have many cultures that just may have that winning  formula. Maybe we should take note.


Every athlete needs to stretch & be ready for split second action. Thai has the remarkable ability to relax the entire body but prime & reset the nervous system. Stretching the entire body in every direction, without any effort of the client. It’s a fantastic way of letting go, but achieving a complete workout.

Anybody weather sporting or not can benefit, even the more mature client but certain safety is required for hip, knee replacements, back problems or high blood pressure. Due to the nature of some of the yoga based poses.

The great thing about Thai your modesty is maintained . Working on a futon at floor level in loose , light clothing. Thai should be performed in a graceful, smooth flow not unlike a dance. Pressure can be strong, even to the extent of walking on the body. ( we are not talking stilettos here). Stretches, pulls, manipulations and twists are also used to brilliant effect on the spine.


From gymnast , track event to equestrian could use Thai for their winning formula to perfection. Let’s not scoff at these ancient arts as the latest fad. Anyone serious about their sports achievement needs to sit up & take note. Gold could be in their grasp. A simple rubdown massage will never be the same.

From the feedback I receive from the many clients who have taken the plunge to test out this diverse bodywork , Embrace and enjoy.

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Nicky Abell-Francis