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Treatment for myalgic encephalomyelitis -Chronic fatigue syndrome

Helping chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia & long covid. I work with the Chrysalis Effect programme for recovery support.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME ) for short. Fibromyalgia also portrays a series of similar symptoms. These two conditions can cause us to have a break down in our health. Developing from overwork- leading to burn out, virus invasions or traumas experienced. I explain more of how the course may help them from crashing into a condition if border line or actually if developed already. We look deeper at what’s important. Medication only plasters the symptoms. I work as a Specialist coach for the Chrysalis Effect offering an established step-by-step programme to help support sufferers of M.E / CFS / Fibromyalgia and Long covid symptoms with their journey to regain health and well-being. The programme was developed by Elaine Wilkins having had her own six-year battle to overcome Chronic fatigue. We exploring the underlying causes of physical and emotional health.

TO START TO UNDERSTAND – have a Free 30 min health check profile. Ring to book one. Let me help you understand why your body is letting you down. What you can do to regain some vitality back. What maybe getting in the way of recovery. If not lapsed our functional wellness format may be the answer two programmes Energy to Vitality & Ignite my life

As one of the chronic fatigue syndrome specialists for the Chrysalis Effect I offer:

Introductory 3 month & a complete 9 month coaching format

As you work on their online programme, I am here to hold your hand. I introduce you to the right webinar at the right time for you. We work at your pace and speed. Referring you to the right therapist if required. This could be blood tests for thyroid to nutritional programme to work for anxiety or trauma experienced. I can answer and advise on the programme for a speedier way to progress.

Let me help you

I ask the difficult questions that you need to be aware of for your body to get better. Our Beliefs sometimes distort the real truth. Making us treat life in a difficult & challenging way. Why make it hard for ourselves. To look at the true picture we need to look at all aspects. Viewing how we cope emotionally with modern day life can have a big affect on our health.

The Viruses Covid, Epstein barr, glandular fever, swine flu are not always culprits to causing our ill health. Ask the question.

How were we feeling physically and mentally at the time we became ill? This will affect the outcome. Some of us recover, some get a multitude of long- lasting problems. The question is why? Same virus, different outcome.

A free month introduction to the Chrysalis Effect programme


3 MONTH Introductory – PATHWAY TO VITALITY  3 x £95 hours £285

9 MONTH IGNITE THE SPARK full course support over the year plus 4 touch base 15 min sessions £950

(Deposit £350 at start/ 2nd payment £300 month 3/ 3rd payment £300 month 6)

CONFIDANCE TO STAY – Book follow on sessions to boost & continue health. Taken on an ad hoc basis to suit the individual.

To book Tel 07941951533 or email via our enquiry form.

“We don’t always know, what we don’t know”

“What the brain suppresses, the body expresses”

“Every cell in your body eavesdrops on our thoughts, make them good ones”

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