Carol Hickson

Carol Hickson
Carol Hickson

I offer the following therapies, either stand alone or in combination, because we are all individuals and one size does not fit all.

  • Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT or Tapping
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Mindfulness coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Reiki

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique is also known as EFT or Tapping and is a very effective therapy. It works in two ways. Firstly, it calms the Amygdala area of the brain. Imagine that the Amygdala is a smoke alarm alerting us to perceived danger; EFT calms this area of the brain and can have an immediate effect when you are feeling anxious or panicky. It is a technique that you can learn to use independently to deal with your emotions. Secondly, it is a very gentle but focused way to discover the emotional root of a problem and to deal with it at source i.e. when it first began to appear in your life. One of the strengths of EFT is that it does not require you to go into great emotional detail with your therapist if you find it uncomfortable to do so. However, you can still get to the root of the problem and deal with it so that you can move on.

EFT is a therapy combining acupressure and psychological affirmations that remove the emotional attachment from issues. It is often referred to as ‘acupuncture without needles’. EFT removes energy blockages which, whilst in place, have a detrimental effect on health and well-being. It can look and feel strange when you start doing it but, very quickly you can start to feel a shift.

It is effective for most problems including: anxiety, anger, insomnia, fear of public speaking, self-esteem, guilt, forgiveness, shame, phobias and cravings. It is extremely effective when working with chronic pain and I specialise in this area because I personally have had this benefit from EFT. It is also extremely useful when working on sleep issues. I have four years’ personal experience of dealing with chronic insomnia and EFT was instrumental in resolving this problem.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is very compassionate and gentle. I follow a solution-oriented approach which means that you are not directed what to think but reach conclusions in ways that resonate and fit with you. It is not like the hypnosis that you may have seen on the television; you never lose control at any point. In fact, you will have been in hypnosis naturally at many times of your life; for example, when you have found yourself driving on autopilot or deeply engrossed in a book, or about to drop off to sleep. Whilst relaxed we enter a stage of focused attention. We focus on issues in a very narrow way, a way that we don’t often get to do because so many of us have minds that chatter to us. During light hypnosis we explore the sub-conscious mind, the background soundtrack to many of your thoughts. It is a calming, and very productive technique allowing your conscious mind to take a back seat. The sub-conscious mind is twenty times more powerful than the conscious mind and so it is useful to check in and observe those prevailing beliefs and attitudes which run in the background. After all they have the most influence on us.
Hypnotherapy is effective for most problems including: anxiety, anger, insomnia, fear of public speaking, self-esteem, guilt, forgiveness, shame and phobias.

I can teach you how to do self-hypnosis and use the therapy independently. It can be a stand-alone technique, but I often like to use it with both EFT and Reiki. I practice a technique known as Hypno-Reiki, which as the name implies is a combination therapy which is little used but which I have found to be very effective.


Reiki’ (ray-key) is Japanese for ‘universal life energy’. When we are healthy we have a strong flow of energy running through our bodies, but when stressed or ill this is depleted. During Reiki we shift any energy blocks and allow more energy to flow into the body. The practitioner’s hands are laid either on the body or, if you prefer, just above. You may feel sensations like heat, cold, tingling or vibration and afterwards you should feel calmer, more balanced and energised.
It is very relaxing and can make a great impression on the client. People generally feel better, calmer, clearer, more positive and pain can be minimised or even disappear. Where appropriate I can combine Hypnotherapy with Reiki in the form of Hypno-Reiki, which combines two powerful healing therapies. Each treatment method is extremely effective in producing healing on all levels of one’s being. This includes physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels. When both methods are used in collaboration, the healing potential that can be achieved with Hypno-Reiki treatment is far greater than that of a hypnosis or Reiki treatment alone. It is suitable for everybody and has no links to religious belief.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching – the aim is to help you get where you want to be in life; to prioritise and set goals. The role of a Life Coach is as a soundboard and facilitator. Together we will look at your life holistically. Where are your successes? What can we take from these? We can get so consumed by what we perceive as our failures that we forget how well we have done and how far we have come. Let’s celebrate how amazing you are and work from there!

In collaboration, we begin by focusing on the area where you feel ‘stuck’. We then consider the context and the scale of the situation. Together, we assess the importance and emotional significance and your personal long-term vision. Once we set goals which are S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based) we are ready to work out a structure of how we are going to get you there.

And then you’re on your way!


Mindfulness is more and more essential to us in the busy world in which we live. We have long understood the need to exercise and pay attention to our bodies but, we often leave our minds unchecked. The result often is that we become overwhelmed, with a background soundtrack to our lives, that drowns out much of the positive and the good that is happening.
Mindfulness is simply not worrying about the future or resenting the past: it is focusing on the present and it can initially be difficult to put into practice. It stills the chattering monkey brain which sends hundreds of thoughts flying across our consciousness shattering our peace of mind. We miss experiences by being unaware, by acting out of habit, by living in a state of automatic pilot and negative thinking can influence our mindset without our realisation.

According to Jon Kabat-Zinn mindfulness reorients us, it is a reminder to be ‘present in your life as it is actually unfolding’.

I offer an 8-week Mindfulness course, for either individuals or groups, as an introduction to Mindfulness. Price depends on the number attending, please contact the clinic for further details.


I offer a free half-hour initial telephone consultation. If we decide to work together subsequent face to face sessions are 55-minutes and are very competitively priced.


  • Reiki – 55-minute session £40.
  • All other therapies (EFT, Hypnotherapy, Hypno-Reiki, Life Coaching, Mindfulness) or combinations of therapies are £60 per 55-minute session or £150 for three sessions, when booked and paid for in advance
  • Corporate Packages available on request.
  • Weight loss, and Sleep Improvement packages, £250 for the complete package. The programs include the following:
    • Four 60-minute sessions together on a weekly basis followed by a further support session. Minimum face to face time five hours.
    • MP3 recordings to use at home
    • Hypnotherapy
    • EFT
    • Further techniques to help
    • Research regarding emotional eating
  • Smoking Cessation Package one two-hour session with recordings £200.




Cancellation Policy

24 hours’ notice is required. Notification by telephone please, no texts or emails. Cancellations not made before these timescales will be charged in full.

Fees charged are for the treatment itself – we do not claim to cure; good results require complete client engagement – therefore no refunds are available.