ProgesterAll cream by Dr John Lee

Looking for a more natural route through Premenopause, Menopause & beyond

ProgesterALL from Dr John LeeWith our rushed & stressed lives many women cannot take time to learn how their fluctuating hormones can cause an myriad of harsh symptoms. Approaching menopause or even some time before known as Perimenopause, symptoms can arise from:

  • Hot Flushes, Night Sweats, Vaginal dryness, Migraines, Osteoporosis, Stress & Anxiety, Mood swings, Bloating, Depression, Endometriosis, Weight gain to formation of Ovarian cysts.

Leading to much discomfort & bewilderment of how to tackle best and function day to day rather than just coping. The two main sex hormones in women being Progesterone & Estrogen. These must be balanced to effectively operate the many functions they have on the body.

Over time, the progesterone levels of many women gradually fall until they are lower than normal relative to their estrogen levels. As a result, estrogen becomes the dominant hormone. This is when hormone imbalance may occur and, as famously coined by Dr. John Lee, estrogen dominance becomes evident.

The ProgesterAll product allows many women to help rebalance this status quo with a natural product that the body can work with avoiding synthetic side effects. Once a woman uses ProgesterAll, she can feel the incredible effects of feeling hormonally balanced, without chemicals or artificial hormones. Our monthly contraceptive pill & HRT are all chemically designed to mimic our natural hormones. But as with anything artificial it can come with side effects for some. The mid life change is stressful but symptoms can be relieved & disappear if this equilibrium is worked on.

ProgesterAll topical cream –  The Product

ProgesterALLBeing bio-identical the cream is recognized by the body and able to be processed efficiently via the liver. Applied on the body its ingredients are absorbed rapidly into the underlying fatty tissues. The product developed by Dr John Lee has an easy absorption mechanism & transported into the bloodstream rather than in the stomach tract as a tablet. Whereby stomach acids & enzymes could alter the compound. A light transdermal cream-gel is easy to apply onto key areas of soft skin, away from direct sunlight  exposed areas. Normally at night but in some cases twice a day. Full information on how to use, intuitively & effectively to monitor your own body is supplied for working to achieve a  balanced system.

Each one of us is unique. Every women’s usage will vary depending on severity of symptoms, perimenopause or menopause. Applying a sticky plaster to symptoms or a one size fits all tablet of one hormone, does not harmonise everyone’s ebb and flow as we age.

ProgesterAll contains 20 milligrams (mg) of USP Natural Progesterone per one quarter teaspoon of cream. The cream contains no chemicals, animal-derived products, or parabens, it is vegan friendly and has not been tested on animals. Only natural preservatives such as grapefruit seed extract are used.

To learn more about this amazing cream, we would highly recommend you read one of his many books that will help you to understand how our body works and why this cream is the best way forward for hormone balance.

What your Doctor may NOT tell you about Menopause by Dr John Lee is available rom Amazon, click on the link:

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How long to see effects?

Most women begin to notice differences in their symptoms within a few weeks, with further positive changes taking place over the course of weeks or months. Dr. Lee would say that if you are going to try any hormone therapy regimen, give it three months. That gives you adequate time to determine whether or not ProgesterAll is making a real difference.

We always advise women to talk with their doctors about using ProgesterAll or any product containing hormones. You should also talk with your physician about other changes that you may need to make – including diet, exercise, and stress levels – to improve your health. Dr. Lee writes about these subjects at length in his books along with all of the information he provides about hormone balancing

We offer at Zenchi Clinic many other therapies that support & aid symptoms at this time. Massage, essential oil usage, Cranial -Osteopathy 

Who is Doctor John Lee?

Dr. John Lee was a renowned international author, speaker, and expert on Hormone Balance, Hormone Balance Diet, and of course Natural Progesterone Cream. Dr. John Lee passed away in 2003, leaving his life’s studies and medical investigations in his books and audios. He left his physician career and moved solely into the research of the female hormones and how they worked. He was convinced what they needed was something natural and it had to be progesterone. As with all science that defies the current way of thinking he fought hard and proved to many, including medical doctors that his findings should be taken seriously. He has therefore helped change the lives of women all around the world.

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