Licensed Acupuncturist

Jane Hillman

Acupuncture is a centries old practice. The use of fine hair like needles used to stimulate the many energy line channels located all over the body. Various acupressure points are treated gaining access to these energy lines, stimulating an equilibrium for the body.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, acupuncture is used to encourage the flow of energy or ‘Qi’ around the body. The acupuncture points are places where Qi is concentrated and accessible. Manipulated through the use of finger pressure (acupressure), certain massage techniques (tui na; strong friction massage), dermal friction (gua sha), chinese cupping, moxibustion (a type of heat therapy), and, of course, acupuncture needling.

Allowing a free flow of energy, blood & tissue fluids  through out the body harmony a reduction of pain and symptoms the body has developed can be acheived.


Prices Acupuncture

Consultation 30mins 20

Consultation with first treatment £60

Follow up appointments £50

Block of 5 sessions £220

Musculoskeletal and Chronic Pain Management £50

A Multitherapeutic Approach Using Traditional Chinese Therapies such as; Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha, Acupressure and combined with Western Techniques such as; Postural Assessment, Realignment, Trigger Point Therapy and Muscle Energy Techniques.

Facial Aesthetic Cosmetic Enhancement Acupuncture 1hr 30mins £75

Beloved by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, this is the natural alternative to BOTOX. This treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It detoxes the body to bring back a healthy glow, promotes health and wellbeing. Including a soothing facial. Regular treatments monthly for maintenance & stimulation of the acupoints is required.

Cupping/Gua Sha Therapy body Session 45mins £40

Massage with cupping is a traditional Chinese Medicine approach to massage.  Often likened to a reverse deep tissue massage, this technique encourages toxin release.  It is thought to help with detox, pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage.  We are moving blood from the interior aspect of the body closer to the surface.  Because of this movement, we can reach congestion points that have been sitting latent in the body. Used in combination with acupressure and trigger points, it can have an amazing effect on your body.

Gua Sha Facial 1 hour £45

Gua Sha is a Chinese therapy tool. This facial treatment relieves tension in the facial muscles, boosts blood circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage and, lifts and firms the face and neck.

Acupressure (Tui na) Massage Session  45 Mins – £40

Like acupuncture, acupressure stimulates the flow of Qi by applying manual stimulation at the acupoints. However, rather than inserting needles, acupressure uses pressure to massage the acupoints. By applying pressure to specific points of the body, the flow of Qi is manipulated and can flow where Qi may become congested or completely blocked. Acupressure massage is a natural holistic technique to address blockages that may be causing additional health problems. By clearing blockages, we are helping to ensure a healthy, balanced and harmonious flow of energy through the meridians.

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