Zenchi Therapy - What's new!

New services for Zenchi

We are pleased to announce that we have two new therapists starting with us:

  • Colin Burgess is a Podiatrist (often traditionally called Chiropodists) and is fully registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and is a full member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists - find out more...
  • Sabra from The Nutrition Partnership, offering individualised healthy weight management guidance firmly rooted in nutrition, exercise, and behavioural, science. Find out more...

Life coaching

Adrian Ramkissoon has joined the Zenchi Clinic offering life coaching.

The frustration you feel when you face considerable challenges in one area of life can leave you feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, and worse still, cause you to accept your present experience of life as ‘just how it is for me’. Find out more about how Adrian can help you...


Rekindling ConnectionsNew book by Nicky

Nicky has written her first novel - In Rekindling Connections, Do we ever find our soul mate? Zara enters the world of sports therapy taking her from middle class suburbia to the heady testosterone world of the Olympic arena... find out more here and order the book!



Let go of fear and experience a natural, easier birth. - Find out more about our new practitioner Steph Bell.


Inspire TherapyInspire Therapy Training

We are now proud to offer fast track courses for Inspire Therapy Training in the subjects below. For further information, dates & booking go to Inspire Therapy Training website (we are the Cheshire accredited therapist).

Neal's Yard Remedies

We have now taken on Neal's Yard Remedies Organic (NYR Organic) range and you purchase online with our own page.

Products include:

• Cosmetics • Bath & shower • Hair • Mother & baby

With great ranges such as:

• Rejuvenating Frankincense • Organic • New Bee Lovely

You can also host a Private Therapy Party at home. Whereby we will treat you to a mini facial, receive a free hostess gift, discount purchasing and all guests receive a half price gift voucher for Zenchi Massage or facial work.



Mother and Newborn checks

Gentle Osteopathic treatment can make a big difference. Zenchi will be offering Pre & Postnatal Osteopathy for mums to be and their newborns soon after birth.

Constant niggling back pain can develop in pregnancy and linger after the birth a musculo-skeletal check up is always wise to allow the body to realign after postural changes have occurred. Cranio-sacral therapy is used for adjusting newborns after any long or difficult birth process. Moulding of the skull can be gently released to allow pressures to be reduced. No actual manipulation is used but a soft touch feeling the cerebro-spinal fluid around the brain & spinal cord. The ebb & flow is soothed & monitored.

Check ups are 1 hour for babe & mum. Pregnancy check ups are perfect maintenance to consider for good skeletal positioning for the birth process. Further information can be had by contacting us.

Sports Massage

Any Sports clubs who wish to book our sports massage therapist for their team training sessions to offer some on-site advice and post match massage for a trial session please contact Nicky on 01829 781155 for more details and your requirements.