Homeopathy and Bio Resonance Therapy

Christine Burke - RS Hom - MARH

Christine is qualified, registered and insured to practice Homeopathy and Bio Resonance Therapy - gentle, not toxic and effective treatments and excellent for people who are pro-active about their health.


Initially Christine offers a consultation which is designed to help understand you and your symptoms. This detail about your life and what normally triggers your problems as well as your family history and any previous health issues is valuable and very important information to a homeopath as they need to get to the root cause of your symptoms so that they can effect a gentle and permanent cure.

The second consultation typically takes place 4-6 weeks later and is shorter in time designed to carefully assess your response to the remedy and establish whether you need more treatment. It is very helpful to try and keep a diary of your symptoms when undergoing homeopathic treatment so that I can clearly see any change in symptoms. 

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Bio Resonance

Bio resonance is a therapy that uses electromagnetic frequencies to detect disease, bacteria, viruses and parasites as well as toxins and other harmful substances, in the body. It can also be used to reliably detect food intolerances, allergies and to help with detoxification and treatment of addiction. Most importantly it identifies your weakest systems and organs so that treatment can be tailored to support recovery, strengthen these systems & identify possible pathologies before they develop.

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Benefits of homeopathy

  • Effective - homeopathy has proved itself in treating every conceivable type of health care situation in literally millions of patients.
  • Consistant - remedies do not go in and out of fashion, and do not disappear from the shelves because they are no longer useful.
  • Natural - Homeopathy does not use synthetic substances, but relies on the healing properties inherent in plants, minerals, and even animal substances. These are used in their whole, natural state, not as isolated chemicals.
  • Safe - Homeopathy is virtually non-toxic, without any side-effects whatsoever. There is no risk of poisoning, even if bottles of the medicines are consumed, or if you accidentally take the wrong medication. There is no drug addiction or build up of tolerance, even with long term use.
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