Cariad Hypnotherapy: individual fertility, birth & beyond - Tracy Jones
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Hypnotherapy: individual fertility, birth & beyond - Tracy Jones

Hypnosis is a naturally induced state in which the mind is distracted or preoccupied, allowing positive statements or suggestions to bypass the critical factor and enter powerfully into the subconscious mind. This part of our mind influences what we think, how we feel, how we react and the choices we make. It can also affect our physiological processes, such as our hormonal balance and our perception of pain.

Hypnotherapy utilises this state, together with positive imagery and suggestion, to facilitate positive changes. It is a safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience during which you remain fully in control.


Areas covered:

  • Fertility (hypnotherapy to help individuals & couples to improve the likelihood of conception, whether naturally or in conjunction with medical fertility treatments)
  • HypnoBirthing (a full antenatal childbirth education class - group and private classes available)
  • Hypnosis for Birthing (using hypnotherapy to prepare for the birth of your child - group or private classes available)
  • Hypnotherapy to help with lactation, parenting anxiety, and other pre and post natal issues
  • Specialist trained bra fitter with offering a home fitting service to pregnant and nursing mums.
  • Retailers of Birth Pool in a Box birthing pools

Tracy Jones

Hypno Birthing

HypnoBirthing classes

Each course is 4 sessions long and it is recommended that both mum-to-be and her birth partner attend all 4 sessions if possible.

Click here for dates of classes or to find out more or book an appointment please contact us.

The following are birth stories from Cariad's own clients who have kindly agreed to allow us to share their stories:-

"This was planned as a hospital birth.  Laying in the bath and using the breathing techniques made the labour pain-free for 5½ hours giving me the false impression that there was still a long way to go.  At 9am the pain began and 3 surges later baby was born at 9.20am.  Despite a rather panicked birth without midwife all was fine.  Next time I will know to go to hospital before beginning hypnosis as it worked rather too well". DW

"With hand on heart I can honestly tell you that the birth of our little baby boy was the most amazing, beautiful and peaceful experience of our lives.  5 hours from when they broke my waters and with only meditation, an i-pod with classical music, light touch massage from my husband and the help of a tens machine - out he came calmly and alert.  There were some special circumstances after that with the passing of the placenta and a last minute 3rd degree tear, which meant I went to theatre for an hour - but that was fine as baby was given a whole hour of skin to skin cuddles with Dad during the time I was being attended to.  We're home now and happier than we've ever felt.  He is such a content happy little baby. I have no doubt that without hypnobirthing, and without your expert guidance our story may have been a very different one.  As it stands I will look back at the birth with happy nostalgia and only good memories about how capable my birthing body was." ND

"Hi Tracy, our baby girl was born on Saturday evening weighing 7lb 9. I will call soon and tell you all about it but just wanted to thank you! I only made it to hospital with half an hour to spare as we never thought I was actually in full blown labour! I was getting no more than bad period pains. Even the midwife was shocked! God bless Marie Mongan! Thanks again x"


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