Artery Age Check from Young at Heart
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Artery Age Check from Young at Heart

Cardiovascular Disease is the UK's Number 1 Killer

Artery Age Check from Young at HeartAs we grow older so do our arteries. But an artery which stiffens and ages quickly is more likely to belong to a person who develops heart disease. But how can you tell what's going on inside?

Now there is an answer. Young at Heart offers a quick and non invasive test that lets you know what's going on in the inside. We can give you instant peace of mind or put you on track to ensure you enjoy the good health you deserve.

Our comprehensive report, using the very latest exclusive technology, allows results to be given instantly without any anxious waiting. For the first time understand how your chronological age compares to your cardiovascular age.

30 minute consultation

Artery Age Check from Young at HeartOur thirty minute consultation, that includes your screening, will give you precious information about your blood pressure as it leaves your heart.

If you are over forty, have a family history of cardiovascular disease or are concerned you may have high blood pressure this test will offer you vital information. Don't let this silent killer take your life or those close to you. Enjoy your life and enjoy good health.


To find out more or book an appointment please contact us.

Background information on this new technology

When blood pressure is taken it is almost certainly done in the conventional way via the arm - the brachial blood pressure. Cardiologists have known for sometime that the preferred way of taking blood pressure is as it leaves the heart. This is known as Central Aortic Systolic Pressure (CASP). Up until very recently, this has only been available invasively. This carries risk, takes time and is very costly. However it's importance and significance means it is described as the 'gold standard' when measuring blood pressure and is often only reserved for people in a clinical situation.

We now have the technology to measure this a person's CASP non invasively and safely in a matter of minutes.

So what? This is important as a person's CASP is related closely to the stiffness in their arteries and stiff arteries is an early warning indicator of poor cardiovascular health and problems to come.

Our comprehensive report tells someone how old a person is arterially. For example I am a 50 year old man. What is important to me should be the age of my cardiovascular system. By knowing this I can, if I choose to, do something about it. It is for good reason that cardiologists often refer to this business as the anti-aging business.

We do not attempt to diagnose but are able to suggest a person goes to see their doctor. We are also able to refer a patient privately to a cardiologist. We position ourselves a first line triage service aimed at education and in the business of preventative medicine.

We have recently been interviewed on the BBC and you can find out more from these links or view the video clip below:


"A man is only as old as his arteries" Thomas Sydenham, 17th century physician


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